The easiest way to request support online at this address:
  • You will need to create a Passport
  • Then sign in and setup your entitlement
  • Live Chat is available to assist you

If you are using a Trial copy or free edition of the software please post your question / look for answers in the forum:


To request support services:The easiest way to request support online at this address:
  • 1.Register to create an HPE Passport
    • Complete all required fields demarked with an asterisk (*) sign.
    • Then select Create Account.
  • 2.Once your HPE Passport is created you will need to login and setup your Entitlement ID or SAID
    • Under Home select My Entitlements.
    • Contract Identifier(SAID) * enter your Order # XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX & select Add.
  • 3.You will see your Entitlement listed, with status and expirations date.
  • 4.Under Home select My Support and here you have many options, including Submit a Request.
  • 5.Chat is always available to help you navigate this site or assist in opening cases.
Note: The XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX is an example of the 18 character entitlement specifically provided in your email receipt when you purchased this product