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VM Explorer

Can I backup a running VM?

Where can I find the user manual?

Which TCP ports are required?

How can I test VM Explorer?

Can I get faster backup performance on ESXi?

Can VM Explorer backup VMs using thin provisioning?

I get the error: Download error: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service

Add/Manage an ESXi server with a non-root/non-administrator user

Error during quiesce snapshot

Error during quiesce snapshot
This warning/error is coming directly from ESX server during quiesce snapshot process. Could you please check the following vmware KB:

Other customers with the same issue solved the issue after reinstalling vmwaretools on the problematic machine.
In order to reinstall vmwaretools please follow the vmware guideline:
  • uninstall vmwaretools
  • shut down the VM (not a restart, but a shutdown)
  • power on VM
  • install vmwaretools again
If this operation doesn't solve the problem please perform the following test:
  • open vSphereClient
  • using vSphereClient perform a quiesce snapshot called "Test Snapshot with quiesce" of the problematic VM (quiesce enabled, memory disabled)
  • once the snapshot is terminated, download ESX log file using VM Explorer:
  • open VM Explorer
  • switch to Datacenter tab
  • select the ESX server of the VM
  • once the server is refreshed right-click on the ESX server and choose "View ESX Log"
  • save the ESX log
  • Send the ESX log also attaching the debug report.
To generate the debug report please select the menu "Help -> Trilead Tech Support -> Generate Debug Report..."

Incremental backups using VD Service (CBT) from ESXi 6.0.X servers may be corrupted.

Licensing & Ordering

How can I buy VM Explorer?

How does licencing exactly work?

What is the support / maintenance pricing?