HPE VM Explorer

Backup solution for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

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HPE VM Explorer

Backup for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

HPE VM Explorer is a uniquely simple and flexible backup solution for your infrastructure. It is easy to configure and offers powerful functionalities. HPE VM Explorer even supports the ESXi free edition for full backups. View all main features of HPE VM Explorer.

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Easy to install and use

HPE VM Explorer is easily installed and ready to use within minutes. The download size of the software is less than 30 MB and just a few clicks complete the installation. No additional software or dedicated VM on your ESX, ESXi or Hyper-V servers are required.

Multi-hypervisor support

HPE VM Explorer integrates VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V into the same software.

Automated backup test

HPE VM Explorer offers the option to automatically test a backup. The automated test runs the backup in order to test the correct start of the VM. The email report contains a health status and screenshots of the test process. Currently, this feature is only available for ESX/ESXi.

Full and incremental backups

In addition to full backups, HPE VM Explorer supports Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for the creation of incremental backups – enabling you to restore your backups to any version in their history.

Replication for disaster recovery

With point-in-time replication, you can replicate any VM on another host, which can then be used for disaster recovery. The VM is automatically registered to your backup server and ready to run. If change tracking is enabled, HPE VM Explorer will replicate any changes on the new target host.


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